French lessons for expatrieted Cours de français aux étrangers French lessons for expatrieted











French lessons for foreigners in France

Claire is back from Australia where she had taught French to children and adults during 18 months, after spending two years between Italy and Netherlands.

French lessons for foreigners in France French lessons for foreigners in France

Trust a qualified teacher specialized in teaching French as a foreign language
Adults - Teenagers - Children. One to one lessons or in small groups at home
Basic users, independent users, proficient users
> Learn French or improve your French  > Evolve professionally > Social integration
> Develop more autonomy in everyday life  > Discover French culture

French lessons for expatrieted French lessons for foreigners in France

A Learning-made, a teacher at home…
To offer a teaching adapted to your profile, I will first need to know you better.

Your culture, your native language, your age, your hobbies, your field of expertise, your projects will always be the heart of your learning.

Why do you want to learn French?
I plan my teaching after evaluating your concrete needs. Our program will be adjusted anytime according to your progress.

The pedagogy used is innovative and modern, gathering new technologies and realization of concrete and pragmatic tasks.

Your level and objectives will be based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR, Council of Europe, 2001) that underlines the four skills: read, write, speak and understand.

To learn French, we will speak French, in direct drive with reality. During the learning, your native language will be one of the tools to understand the linguistic and cultural differences and to resolve some difficulties.

You will be the main actor of your learning; I will be by your side…

In one to one lessons or small groups, at home, we adapt our french or english courses to your schedule and your specific objectives (studies, professional project…)

Learning French is a major asset for an efficient social integration. Your qualified teacher bases his teaching on your learning, on your progress.

Using new technologies, our sessions will be dynamic, adapted to your profile; you will be the main actor of your learning.

Personal assessment and establishment of your objectives in preliminary appointment.

Learning a new language, discovering a new country can disturb a child.

I am here to help your child to develop his confidence and to give the desire to communicate in this new language…

Learning a foreign language is a long process. Starting at an early age develops a motivation for the linguistic and cultural diversity.  More than learning a foreign language, the French lessons will help your child to develop his self-confidence.

I offer a teaching that stimulates his curiosity, to motivate him to learn French and discover our country.

The sessions are based on the child's tastes, on recreational activities, on conversation and on all the various languages learning supports.  

Learning French will be fun!

Claire welcomes you in French, English, Spanish and Italian.
Don't hesitate to contact her!

French teacher (FLE), she is a graduated of an English bachelor, of the M1 FLE and M2 FLE and has the permit to conduct French examination (DELF/DALF).

Claire is in charge of the French remedial courses for the officers of the Military School of Paris.
She also works as an independant professor with the British Ambassy of  Paris and with the centers of language Prosodia and French as you like it.

Claire taught French to foreigners in various structures: primary schools, college, university, French alliance, associations of social integration…

She also taught in remedial courses organizations like Acadomia, Complétude, Domystudy, Lauréat, Capcours, Culturecours, keepschool in private lessons.

Sharing with you my love for French language and culture, I offer the keys and tricks to communicate as quickly as possible in the Molière language.


French lessons for expatrieted

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L’École Militaire de Paris, l’Ambassade de Grande Bretagne à Paris, l’École de guerre, Management mobility, LVMH, Financial Times, la British School of Paris, HSBC, le groupe Renault, Schlumberger, l’ambassade de Jordanie, de nombreuses entreprises et un grand nombre de particuliers ont fait appel et confiance à Claire Eychenne qui intervient en tant que professeur, formatrice, linguiste et coach en français…

French lessons for expatrieted

French lessons for foreigners in Yvelines 78

French coaching for foreigners in Paris

French lessons for expatrietedFrench lessons for expatrietedFrench lessons for expatrietedFrench lessons for foreignersLezioni di francese per stranieriFrench lessons for foreignersCursos de francés para extranjerosFranzösischkurse für AusländerSpeaking French in YvelinesFrench lessons for foreignersFrench lessons for expatrieted

Private lessons or lessons in small groups?
The private course offers flexibility. The teacher adjusts his pedagogy to the student's progress. He develops the student's autonomy who talks more freely.
Learning a foreign language in small groups facilitates interaction and communication. Activities are different, oriented on oral communication, exchange and cultural openness.
Some hesitations? Contact me for a clear definition…

Do you want to get a French qualification?
I help you to be prepared for the TCF and the DELF/DALF diplomas.
The offer is opened to all level, all age.
I plan a specific program and find the examination center that suits you the best.

French lessons for expatrieted

Claire Eychenne
Qualified teacher specialized in teaching French as a second language
One to one lessons or in small groups at home
Tel : +33 (0)7 50 93 95 46

French lessons for foreigners in France

French lessons for foreigners in France

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